They distribute more than 2.000 toys in communities of Mérida

Thanks to the support of the protector of the Mérida state, Jehyson Guzmán and through the Communication Management Directorate of Corpomérida, a simultaneous day was held to deliver Christmas gifts to boys and girls from popular sectors, on the eve of Christmas 2020, so It is estimated that more than 2.000 toys provided by the national government will be distributed in different Merida municipalities and parishes of the Libertador municipality.

The press director of Corpomérida, Iván Alfonso Rivera, expressed through the social networks of @ corpomérida, that the conference was held in the municipalities of Tovar, Alberto Adriani, Campo Elías, Antonio Pinto Salinas, Rivas Dávila and in the case of the capital jurisdiction, in the Santo Domingo, Santa Anita and Primero de Mayo communities of the Spinetti Dini parish and Campo de Oro de la Domingo Peña.

Rivera stressed that the delivery of toys was made to boys and girls aged between zero and 11 years old, "there is no better gift that we can receive as civil servants and public servants than a hug and a smile from a child in gratitude, That is priceless".

Children as a social priority

Elizabeth Prieto, teacher and resident of Santa Anita, stressed that the well-being of children is a priority in each family, this distribution of Christmas presents being a demonstration that the Government is also concerned with work for happiness and the right to a childhood full.

“It is a very positive activity that allows children to share a moment of relaxation and recreation. We thank the Corpomérida workers. We wish them that God pays and blesses them ”, highlighted the professional teacher in a part of the activity, carried out in the community's multiple court.

In the Santo Domingo neighborhood, in the same parish, the delivery was made in the central square. There, Mrs. Nancy Gil, agreed by highlighting the importance of transmitting positive emotions to children, transcending the challenges posed by the current covid-19 pandemic.

“It is a beautiful initiative that refreshes the spirits of our children, after a year with difficulties, which we have overcome. That is why we are here with our children, enjoying the tradition of Christmas, "he said.

The simultaneous event was held with the support of activists from the National Movement for Peace and Life, the Alegría Sobre Ruedas Plan, and the National Recreation Movement; and spokespersons for the Communal Councils.

Source: AVN



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