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Misiones Base will protect more than 6 thousand Guariqueño families

More than 6 thousand families from the Calabozo parish, Francisco de Miranda municipality, Guárico state, will receive direct protection through the new Socialist Missions Base inaugurated in the Vicario III community, which is called "United Vicars."

The opening ceremony was led by the Governor of the entity, José Vásquez, in the company of the Minister of Popular Power for Waters, G / D Rodolfo Marcos Torres, together with residents of the community and other government authorities.

Vásquez alleged that this Base is added to the 5 that have already been inaugurated in the Miranda municipality, as well as the 113 at the regional level, which allows deepening social action through the Simoncito service for the academic training of the boys and girls of community.

Likewise, there will be primary medical care services through the Popular Clinic that operates within this infrastructure; direct nutritional care for 200 people through the Food House, which will be continuously operational.

Regarding the level of organization that the Brigades of the We are Venezuela Movement has led, more than 90% of the communities of the point and circle have been mapped to assess the needs of the population and access to social programs through the Carnet Of the homeland.

For his part, the representative of the national water portfolio, G / D Rodolfo Marcos Torres, said that in every corner of the country the Bolivarian Government maintains support for the development of actions aimed at the good living of the population.