Minister of Commerce supervised the Invecem Plant in Cumarebo, Falcón state

The Minister of the Popular Power of National Commerce, Dheliz Álvarez, supervised this Wednesday, the Invencem SA Plant located in Cumarebo, Falcón state, "on the instructions of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, we are supervising the distribution, production and marketing structure of the cement ”, informed the Minister.

Together with the workforce of the company of the Venezuelan Cement Corporation, the head of the National Trade portfolio evaluated the critical nodes to improve all production processes and thus strengthen the construction sector.
In addition, it reviewed the installed capacity of the plant, says a press release.

Álvarez stressed that despite the coercive measures that negatively impacted the country's economy and the pandemic caused by covid-19, this year the economy improved and in 2022 “we expect economic growth and the reactivation of the construction sector”.

It is about determining the real data, to establish the annual need for the tons of cement that are required in Venezuela, to strengthen and reactivate large works in the public and private sector and contribute to the export plan without affecting national demand.

The workers spoke with the official, thanked the visit and expressed their willingness to continue working for the good of the country's economic recovery.



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