Minister Reverol denounces new attack on the National Electric System

A new terrorist attack on the National Electric System occurred in the Aragua substation, located in the José Ángel Lamas municipality, in the Aragonese region, specifically in the Santa Cruz sector, left more than 5 states throughout the country without electricity service, reported the Sectorial Vice President of Public Works and Services, Nestor Luis Reverol through a telephone call to the state channel, Venezolana de Televisión.

He explained that the explosion of a 230 / 115kVA autotransformer caused the service in some states of the country to be affected. "We are directing from the National Dispatch Center, personally with the president of the National Electric Corporation, Engineer José Luis Betancourt, and the entire team, operations to recover the load."

He pointed out that after the attacks on the substation there is a loss of 75 Mw and the evaluation of the damage of the substation by the entity's firefighters is awaiting.

An explosion occurred in a 230 / 115kVA autotransformer at the Aragua electrical substation

He assured that the cargo has already been recovered in the entire Capital Region and that the work of complete cargo recovery continues in the states: Mérida, Táchira, Nueva Esparta and Falcón that were affected. "We are already doing all the coordination and all the interconnections with our SEN, so that the electrical energy returns to the homes," said Reverol.

He also noted that firefighters acted efficiently and arrangements are being made to put it into operation as soon as possible.

He assured that the social networks @ministeriodeenergiaelectrica and @corpoelecinfo are available so that the people of Venezuela can report the places where the electricity has not arrived. "We want to maintain the interaction with the Popular Power, to send the crews that are on guard and that the energy is distributed and reaches their homes again," said Reverol Torres.



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