Migrants on hunger strike in Mexico ask to leave in a caravan to the US

They plan to march to Mexico City next Wednesday and demand a solution. Photo: EFE

Activists and migrants began on Monday in the municipality of Tapachula, in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas, a hunger strike to ask that they be allowed to leave in a caravan heading north.

The objective of this action is to put pressure on the authorities so that in this way the thousands of migrants crowded in the south of the country can leave in the next few days in a “migrant way of the cross”, after several caravans were dismantled in recent weeks.

"Fasting is to (...) change the situation of the migrant community, to change violence, so that God touches the hearts of migrant people," Irineo Mujica, director of the organization Pueblos Sin Fronteras, told reporters. leads the strike, says AFP.

Mujica and Luis García, from the Center for Human Dignification, simultaneously promote an injunction so that migrants can leave Tapachula, where they have been blocked for months, and move through Mexican territory.

Several of them have requested asylum in Mexico to avoid their expulsion, but the procedures are progressing slowly. Due to this situation, they plan to leave in a caravan to Mexico City next Wednesday and demand a solution from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It should be noted that the Mexican president thanked the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, last Friday for her announcement of investments and jobs in the Mexican south and in Central America to mitigate the migration crisis and reiterated his proposal for an immigration plan that includes visas. of temporary work for Latin Americans in the United States, stating that in Latin America "there is a lot of young labor."

However, the Mexican government has also been criticized for the operations to stop the advance of the migrants, while López Obrador assures that he keeps them in southern Mexico to avoid the dangers posed by the journey through the country.

This hunger strike occurs when Mexico and the United States grapple with a historic migratory flow, with 147.000 undocumented persons detected in Mexico from January to August, "triple that of 2020, and a record of 212.000 undocumented persons detained in July alone by the Customs Office and Border Protection (CBP, in English) of the United States ”, refers EFE.



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