Mayor of Caroní sanctioned informal merchants

A team from the Caroní Tribute Superintendency of Bolívar state sanctioned at least 11 merchants who were in the El Gallo market for a day of stoppage, and who did not comply with the measures of XNUMX, in addition to municipal provisions for the sale of merchandise.

"Sundays are a permanent commercial stop throughout the entity, whether or not there is flexibility, it is necessary that we respect these days, because they are for disinfection and maintenance teams to carry out sanitation and cleaning tasks," explained Denis Mazo, director of Eventual Economy Municipal.

The 11 informal merchants caught disrespecting the order were suspended from their activities and the sanctions established by the Superintendency of Taxes were issued.

In Caroní, teams from the Caroní Tax Superintendency, municipal police and municipal entities are deployed on a daily basis to verify compliance with the “days of stops” in markets and commercial areas of Ciudad Guayana, to deal with the pandemic, explained Mazo .

Mazo, stressed that daily a multidisciplinary team from the Directorate of Eventual Economy, Superintendency of Caroní Tributes and Caroní Municipal Police, are vigilant to enforce prevention measures against covid-19.

“We go every day to different commercial spaces in the city, to verify that formal and informal merchants comply with all the measures implemented to eradicate the virus, in addition to ensuring that they comply with the respective stop, programmed by the municipality and that is known for all, ”said the director.

He also specified that they also went to the two commercial areas, Mercado and Core 8, where they observed the presence of informal vendors, thus violating the municipal decree.

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