Mayor in charge of San Felipe delivered Memory and Account

The mayor in charge of San Felipe, Yaracuy state, Rogger Daza, presented this Friday the administrative report of the first 100 days of management at the head of the city council, in a simple but emotional event held at the Carmelo Fernández de San Felipe museum, where he presented the achievements achieved during the three months and a little longer that he has been managing the capital of Yaracuyana.

As it will be remembered, on September 8 Daza assumed the mayoralty in replacement of Carlos Gamarra, who resigned to aspire with the Great Patriotic Pole to a seat in the National Assembly, a position he reached in the parliamentary elections of last December 6.

Daza publicly presented his management report "100 actions for 100 days of management", in which he detailed each one of the works carried out during his time as mayor. Its actions encompassed them by sectors in the following areas: beautification and cleaning, water, electrical service, roads and transportation, health and social protection, education and sports, telecommunications, culture and treason, and production and commerce.

The mayor began his speech by thanking the unity of all the life forces of the municipality for the work carried out jointly with the Mayor's Office in pursuit of the greatest possible well-being for the inhabitants of the jurisdiction. He stressed that the support of the Government and the National Executive has been essential to be able to successfully fulfill the tasks assumed.

Among the actions carried out, Daza highlighted the activation of the San Felipe Me Gusta beautification plan with which squares, parks and other public spaces of the municipality are served and rescued, and the comprehensive restoration of the San Felipe El Fuerte archaeological park and the entrance arch of San Felipe.

He also mentioned that, with the support of Coropoelec, 250 led lights were installed in the intercommunal avenue San Felipe El Fuerte, one of the most important in the city, and the electrical service was improved in several communities. Likewise, the three cemeteries of the municipality were rehabilitated, and patching works were carried out in a good number of streets and avenues.