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Elected mayor of Zaraza takes the floor to Maduro and Cabello

Carlos Castillo, recently elected mayor of the Pedro Zaraza municipality, Guárico, visited the newsroom of Últimas Noticias From where he declared that he was taking the floor of President Nicolás Maduro when he invited all the winners in the last elections to bring him their projects to work together in favor of the people.

"Here I am, the President, we are going to work for Zaraza," said Castillo, who first asked the Head of State to help him solve the water problem in that municipality of Guarique. In his first investigations, Castillo detected that the municipality suffers from a water distribution system in line with the growth experienced by the town, whose aqueduct was built in the 40s for a Zaraza of 40 thousand inhabitants.

Castillo also said he was concerned about the situation at the William Lara hospital, which he describes as an institution "that was abandoned." Regarding the problem of electricity, he said that in Zaraza the supply is cut between three and four times a day. "In the campaign they told me 'don't give me banners, flyers, give me a light bulb,'" said Castillo, who in the past dedicated himself to donating lights in various sectors of the municipality.

"I defeated the elite of the Table of Democratic Unity and that of the Psuv," said the mayor of Zaragoza. “The political parties abandoned Zaraza, both those of the Government and those of the opposition; then they saw in me a social work of years ”, he reflected.

We remind Castillo that Diosdado Cabello, first vice president of the Psuv, also issued a challenge to the mayors and governors-elect on November 21 when he told them that the time had come for politics. "Very important. We have to join to do high-level politics, "replied Carlos Castillo.

The new mayor of Zaraza was elected with the votes of Avanzada Progresista, the party founded by opposition leader Henry Falcón, among other organizations. But he clarifies that he does not come with an ax in his hand. "I learned that my candidacy was coming when a child with a special condition, a neighbor of mine, showed me a flyer of mine and said: Castillo, Avanzada," said the mayor.

“I am not taking space away from anyone, rather I am recovering the space that belongs to the people. Besides, we all fit there ”, he concluded.