Maduro: we reached 95% supply of medicines

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Wednesday that the country has achieved 95% supply in the drug market. 

"Almost 95% supply of the drug market, we overcome the slope with production and work (...)" to neutralize the economic war and the blockade, said the president during an activity of the Pharmaceutical Motor, which took place in Guarenas.

Maduro asked the sector to increase the capacities to produce the medicines that are needed and are not yet made in the country. 

During the working day, the National Executive and private companies took stock of the steps they are taking to strengthen drug production. Such is the case of the company Megalabs, a pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 40 years of service located in Macarao, Libertador municipality, in Caracas, which has 350 direct workers, 

Its owners assured that in 2015 50% of the medicines were being produced and another 50% were imported. They assure that thanks to the pharmaceutical impulse, today 10 million units are distributed and only 10% is imported.

During the event, the injectables area was reactivated, which has an installed capacity of 15 million units, and it is estimated that for this year it will close with 7,5 million units produced.

For his part, Maduro stressed that the country must move towards a powerful private and public sector with an export vocation, which does not depend "ever again on oil income." 

He added that Venezuela has the knowledge and installed capacity to take the pharmaceutical sector to the highest level.

The pharmaceutical sector is one of those that has participated in the 21 Technical Tables of the Higher Council of the Economy, and has an installed capacity of 966.752.175 units per year.



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