Maduro Guerra proposes to make La Guaira a Special Economic Zone

Nicolás Maduro Guerra presented his plan to develop La Guaira. Courtesy photo

The candidate for deputy of the National Assembly for the state of La Guaira, Nicolás Maduro Guerra, presented the project that he will take to Parliament in case of being elected, to create the special economic zone of the State of La Guaira.

In order to achieve an internal and national supply and to produce inputs for export, this proposal aims to develop this coastal and strategic state for national life. “It is not about La Guaira being a free zone. We are going to industrialize La Guaira to serve this entity and to serve the national economy, ”said the applicant.

During the event, in which businessmen and authorities from partner countries of Venezuela were present, Maduro Guerra presented a comprehensive proposal in which they intend to establish ties between the regional governments of La Guaira, Aragua, Miranda and the city of Caracas.

"The physical location of the state gives us the geographic and strategic conditions to develop as a special zone," said the candidate in the presence of the entity's governor, Jorge Luis García Carneiro.

For the plan to create this Special Economic Zone, Maduro Guerra indicated that it will focus on four parishes of the coastal entity: Urimare, Soublette, Mejías and La Guaira. He also proposed the creation of an industrial zone for the state between the Naiguatá parish, and a cryptocurrency mining farm in Catia La Mar.

In addition, the plan contemplates the creation of a motor District for agricultural and fishing development in the Carayaca parish, which would be promoting the development of the state throughout the same.

"All the estimates that have been made give the state growth for its communication, for basic services, to develop the industry," said Maduro Guerra.

The candidate expressed that all of the above requires the strengthening of communal power, to which Parliament must give special support. “The communal economy must be strengthened. Not from the micro, but on a large scale. The communal power can have a large company capable of exporting, ”he said.

Among other areas that will benefit from the implementation of this plan, is local production, which will benefit from incentive mechanisms that promote it, the creation of a technical research university, new levels of connection through a Tanaguarenas highway - Guatire, the solution of problems with the water service, vital for the operation of everything proposed.

For this last point, he said that he will promote the approval of a proposal that Governor García Carneiro and Mayor José Alejandro Terán have.

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