Macri was charged with alleged illicit enrichment

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Mauricio Macri will be investigated for possible concealment of part of his assets when he had to declare his assets when he became President. The federal prosecutor Ramiro González decided to impute it in an opinion and promoted the first investigative measures based on a complaint made by the Anti-Corruption Office (OA), after an initial presentation by the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ).

According to the OA, the ex-president omitted in his sworn statements his real shareholding in the Guayquiraró agricultural company (Agro G SA), a firm through which he was able to collect 54.286.824 pesos even during his time at Casa Rosada. The money was transferred to the famous "blind trust" that Macri announced in 2016, after the Panama Papers scandal, and from there the money could be taken. According to the presentation made by the OA, there could also have been money laundering and tax evasion.

The crime of "malicious omission" in the affidavits of assets is a variant of illicit enrichment, which provides for up to two years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office. Its clarification, at the same time, could lead to the concatenation of other findings and criminal charges.

In this case, the prosecutor González gave credit to the OA complaint that warned that the company Agro G SA "not only tried to hide the increase in share capital since 2013 by omitting its registration in the Public Registry of Commerce" but also particular "to the true owner of the 5.064.336 preferred shares" that were not recorded "in the company's share registry book." The value of these shares is their equivalent in pesos, at one peso for each share.

The OA, led by Félix Crous, asserts that the owner of these shares was Macri and that the transfer of those more than 5 million pesos, which despite not having been declared in the IGJ went to the blind trust, would have come from of "a criminal offense." In addition, it maintains that the former president "would have falsified the data consigned in his Comprehensive Sworn Statement of Public Character corresponding to the year 2015 (...) since there he reported a shareholding of the firm Agro G SA corresponding to 14,7 percent of the capital stock , when he owned at least 20 per cent. "

To begin to put together the corporate puzzle, the prosecution asked the IGJ to send it a copy of several assemblies of the firm Agro G (from 2011, 2013 and 2016) in which decisions were made on the corporate composition, both in terms of which refers to the preferred shares as well as the common shares that Macri had in Agro G, since of the latter, he would not have transferred all those belonging to him to the blind trust, but 2190 of 2340. He also required the OA itself, according to the Accessed by Página / 12, the sworn statement of 2015-2016 of the former president. It is not ruled out that information may arise from the Financial Information Unit (UIF), the anti-money laundering agency, and from the AFIP, as the collecting entity.

The other key point is that Macri's hidden actions have a particularity. They are called "preferred shares" and due to this nature they allowed the company to access profits from other companies in which it participated. One of them is Latin Bio, for biofuels. The majority shareholders of Latin Bio are Agro G SA itself, owner of 29,75 percent of the capital stock, and Juliana Awada, owner of 20,25 percent of the capital. The OA has already warned: «the acquisition of the preferred shares of Agro G SA, allowed the Blind Administration Trust to acquire $ 54.286.824 (as dividends) between 2017 and 2020, a sum that on 20/02/20 at finalize the trust contract, it was reinstated to Mauricio Macri ».

Agro G in particular did not always pay off, but Macri still withdrew dividends. He was the only partner, said the OA, who "withdrew dividends in the last 10 years, while the rest of the shareholders agreed to this situation that occurred both when the results of the annual exercises showed profits and when they represented losses."

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