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Luciteños raised their voices against child abuse and pedophilia 

Students, teachers and the people in general marched to repudiate the acts of violence

Banners, balloons and green colored ribbons shone in the streets of Santa Lucía del Tuy, in the Paz Castillo municipality of Miranda state, this Wednesday, during a march carried out by more than 300 students to reject child abuse, acts of pedophilia and infanticide, as part of the "Children DO NOT touch" campaign. 

The first group of students gathered in the Las Tuyerías stadium, from where they walked to the Simón Bolívar square in the central area of ​​Santa Lucía del Tuy. Meanwhile, the second group of students left the UEE Rómulo Gallegos and mobilized through the streets of the Alto de Soapire sector.

Parents, representatives and more than 100 teachers from 60 schools in Lucía joined the great walks, led by Mayor Víctor Julio González, as well as the staff of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Paz Castillo municipality. who showed their support for the campaign, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the convention on the rights of the child. 

The marches were also joined by workers from the Municipal Comptroller's Office, the Municipal Women's Institute and councilors, who also placed the green ribbon or Green Ribbon, whose international symbol is used in emblematic campaigns on the obligation to protect all boys, girls and adolescents; and repudiate all child sexual abuse, act of violation of rights against children and adolescents.

Permanent campaign against pedophilia and violence

Mayor Víctor Julio González, within the framework of the “Niños No Se Tocan” campaign, reaffirmed his repudiation and total rejection of all lewd acts and acts of violence “against our sons and daughters (…) We say sons because all boys and girls of the world should be treated like this: as children”.

"Today (Wednesday, November 23) the voice of protest is raised, both in Paz Castillo and in the rest of the country, to prevent the continued occurrence of violent acts that harm people, especially the little ones in the home," stressed the mayor.

González emphasized that in Paz Castillo the voice is "children are not touched" and declared the municipality in a permanent campaign to protect and ensure the lives and rights of children and adolescents to a life free of sexual acts and aggression. 

"From our homes we must live in healthy harmony," exclaimed the mayor, who urged society and the family to recover the values ​​of love, human principles and caring for life.

González congratulated the actions of the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, against those people who are committing crimes and unjustified acts towards Venezuelan children. "These abominable acts that harm our boys and girls cannot go unpunished," the mayor said. 

They urge to strengthen healthy coexistence.

Students, teachers and other walkers shouted slogans and displayed banners with messages against child abuse and any practice related to it.

More than 170 students and 40 educators from 11 educational institutions participated in the green walk carried out in the Alto de Soapire territorial axis. Among the attending institutions, the following stand out: Rómulo Gallegos, Liceo la Ceiba del Alto and Guaicaipuro, among others. 

Deyanira Ríos, president of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, said that the main objective is to raise the voice against physical, psychological and verbal abuse; as well as lewd acts and rape of children and adolescents. 

Ríos called on the community of parents and representatives to strengthen the values ​​in the home so that there is a healthy coexistence and thus avoid any type of evil against children and adolescents.

Mayor Víctor Julio González extended the invitation to all tuyeros to participate this coming Friday, November 25, in the great orange walk for the Eradication of Violence against women, which will start at the San Benito Cultural Center, from from 8am. 

Charallave made a banner in rejection of child sexual abuse

The municipal authorities of the jurisdiction of Cristóbal Rojas in Miranda also joined the campaign "Children are not touched", with a banner in rejection of sexual abuse against children and adolescents, carried out simultaneously on Andrés Bello boulevard in Las Brisas parish and the Santa Rosa de Lima de Charallave vial. 

The activity was attended by the Preventive Front, the Ombudsman, the Municipal Council for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (Cmpnna), officials of the Miranda State Police, workers attached to the Secretary of Protection of the Miranda State Government and the "Eulalia Buroz" Municipal Institute for Women and the Family, who, carrying balloons, green ribbons and colorful posters, raised their voices with the slogan "Don't touch children!"

María Eugenia Arguinzones, president of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Cmdnna) detailed that the activity is part of the programming for the month of precaution against this scourge and within the framework of the prevention of abuse against children.

He noted that in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality they plan to develop walks, conversations and knowledge meetings to reduce these acts that threaten the integrity of infants and adolescents.

"We are convinced that it is through prevention that we will be able to reduce these acts of abuse against the little ones, it is everyone's task and we ratify that children do not touch themselves," Arguinzones summarized.

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