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Legislative Council of the Anzoátegui state installed

In an extraordinary session held on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 25, the Legislative Council of the Anzoátegui state (Cleanz) was installed, with the deputies elected in the regional and municipal elections held on Sunday.

The sworn board of directors for the 2021-2025 legislative constitutional period was appointed in the same act and will be chaired by the legislator, Anyer Henríquez. Andrés Márquez was appointed as vice president, while Marina Martínez is the chamber secretary.

The 14 elected legislators joined the plenary session: 10 from the Psuv and Gran Polo Patriótico, 2 from the MUD and 2 from the Alliance, with the accompaniment of popular power, regional, military and political authorities of the entity.

In his speech, Anyer Henríquez urged legislators to work "to update anachronistic laws and build new ones that serve and are productive for the people, (...) work in unity and collectively with the state governor, Luis Marcano."

He said that he assumes this responsibility with great strength, strength and soul, "accompanied by God and with absolute dedication as we have done for all tasks."

Henríquez, who thus becomes the second woman to preside over the regional parliament, asserted that the parliament "of this moment" is subordinate to the collective interests of the people.

The other deputies elected by the revolutionary forces are Dinorah Requena, Nuziata Muccio, Arelys Ponce, Filiberto Martínez, Carlos Miranda, Ana Azocar, Lilibeth Elizandre and Stalin Fuentes.

For the opposition bench Gabriel Seone, Rafael Bottaro, Richard Arteaga and Rubén Barrero.

This Friday the deputy of indigenous representation in the Cleanz will be elected.