José Vásquez plans to advance in the economic stabilization of Guárico

During the campaign deployment developed by the Camaguán, Miranda, Roscio and Ortiz municipalities, the candidate for the governorship of the Guárico state José Vásquez, has presented to the popular bases his vision of work that will focus on the stabilization and economic development of the entity llanera in addition to other strategic areas.

Meanwhile, during a popular assembly held in the city of Ortiz in the municipality of the same name, Vásquez said that this action includes support for the producers' union from the small nuclei to increase planting and boost productivity, which is also It will complement the industrialization system.

Therefore, he urged reflection on the importance of advancing in a governance with the participation of the people, communicative and strategic that guarantees the strength of the Bolivarian project, highlighting the consolidated achievements in the territory in recent years.

«Tiempos de reorganización se aproximan», concluyó el precandidato a la Gobernación de Guárico, José Vásquez, durante este encuentro enmarcado en la campaña electoral de las primarias de la tolda roja el 8-A, quien además realizó un recorrido por las calles del punto y círculo, compartiendo y escuchando apreciaciones del pueblo.



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