Israel bombs the Gaza Strip by land and air (+ photos)

The Israeli Army intensified the already heavy bombardment against the civilian population of Gaza. This time it did so from the ground and air in the midst of a war escalation, which does not rule out a ground offensive in Palestinian territory.

"The Army's air and ground forces are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip," the Army reported on the largest offensive launched since Monday, which as of Thursday left at least 103 dead in Gaza and 7 in Israel from defensive rocket fire. of the Palestinian militias.

"I said that we would demand a very high price from (the Islamist movement) Hamas and the other terrorist organizations," declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the attacks carried out against the Palestinian rebels, but which civilians pay with their lives.

The bombings this afternoon in response to rocket blasts from the militias killed at least 9 children, bringing the number of minors killed in the overcrowded and blocked coastal enclave to 27 as of Thursday.

“We are doing it and we will continue to do it with great intensity. This is not the last word and this operation will continue as long as necessary, ”Netanyahu warned in a video broadcast on his social networks while the bombings were taking place.

At least 3 rockets fired from southern Lebanon to Israel in escalation with Gaza

At least three rockets were fired this Thursday from southern Lebanon to Israel in full escalation of violence with the Palestinian factions in Gaza, although the perpetrator is unknown, a Lebanese military source informed Efe and the Israeli army confirmed.

"Three to four rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into Israel," said the Lebanese military source, who requested anonymity.

He indicated that the Lebanese Army units have gone to the area where these projectiles have been launched and that they have already arrested those responsible in the city of Tire, in southern Lebanon, without identifying them at the moment. EFE

Funeral of 15 Palestinians who died in an airstrike by the Israeli Forces, this Thursday in Gaza.
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