Iran's ambassador described the kidnapping of Alex Saab as "diplomatic piracy"

Hojat Soltani, ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Venezuela, pointed out as an act of "diplomatic piracy" the kidnapping of Special Envoy Alex Saab, executed on October 16 by the Government of the United States.

From his account on the social network Twitter, the representative of Iranian diplomacy asserted that “the US government only lacked diplomatic piracy, which was completed with the kidnapping of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.

In this way, Soltani said, the United States completes "its list of terrorist and criminal acts such as war, atomic bombings, terrorism, coups, sabotage, etc," he wrote.

This Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian had expressed his rejection of the kidnapping of Special Envoy Alex Saab, during an official visit by his Venezuelan counterpart Félix Plasencia to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Both representatives pointed out that "the arrest of Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat, and his extradition to the United States as an act of piracy and an attack on Venezuelan sovereignty," they insisted.



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