In the nine cities of Lara there was activity for Labor Day

In the Plaza Bolívar de Cabudare they paid homage to "Profe" Aristóbulo

In Lara state, International Worker's Day was celebrated this Saturday with the organization of various activities by the Bolivarian state government, in favor of the talent deployed in the nine municipalities that make up the entity.

The participation of the president of FarmaPatria, Cristhian Wagner stood out, who, on the instructions of the national president, Nicolás Maduro, joined with the delivery of medicines and supplies in a health day dedicated to active workers, pensioners and retirees in the Crespo municipality (Duaca) This as reported by the Governor of Lara state, Adolfo Pereira.

It should be noted that in all Bolívar squares in each of the aforementioned number of Larenses jurisdictions, cultural events and historical reference were also held, in honor of the recently deceased Minister Aristóbulo Istúriz, and his contribution to the establishment of the Bolivarian educational system.

In this regard, the Mayor of the Palavecino Municipality (Cabudare), Mirna Vies de Álvarez, during the activity in the Plaza Bolívar located in the historic center of Cabuda, highlighted that Istúriz was a “teacher, preacher and builder of Bolivarian education”, likewise, "Faithful defender of the teacher, the teacher, the cook (...) Our word of respect, solidarity and deep libertarian commitment," added Vies de Álvarez.

"Squalid march failed"

On the other hand, the Mayor of the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto), Luis Jonás Reyes Flores, referred to the "squalid and unsuccessful" street demonstration in the city of Barquisimeto in his social network twitter, in which Juan Guaidó participated.

"They could not fill even half a block," he stressed, Reyes Flores



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