In Petare they try to invade the Barrio Adentro health clinic

The residents of La Línea street, in Petare, Sucre municipality, denounce a new attempt to invade a Barrio Adentro health module, located in the Canteras de Miranda sector, on the way to the urbanization, Paulo VI, a structure that the community has requested to be recovered since 2011.

The complaint is made by spokespersons for the community in Construction El Gran Sucre, Jakelin Granadillo, Rocío Rodríguez, Twiggy Cerrada, Amarlys Márquez, José Maestre, among others, who point out that on other occasions, groups of people claiming not to have their own home , they want to take over the health center.

They indicated that the organized community has tried, with its own resources, to recover the facilities, but the costs are too high, as major repairs must be carried out.

“Every time they try to invade the facilities, the squatters proceed to damage doors, windows, electrical installations, walls, water pipes, among others. We thank Polisucre officials, especially Commissioner Omar Márquez, for their support in evicting the invaders, ”said Rocío Rodríguez.

The complainants indicated that they have already requested the collaboration of the authorities of the Ministry of Health, the Miranda governorate, the Sucre mayor's office and the Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor Mission, to recover the ambulatory, but have had no response.

“In this opportunity, in addition to all these authorities, we also want to call the attention of the president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, Jacqueline Faría, to visit our community, carry out an inspection of the ambulatory facilities and support us in their recovery, especially in these times when we went through a pandemic of the covid-19, which affects so many Venezuelans and which has major outbreaks in the Petare area, ”Twiggy Cerrada said.



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