In Aragua, health will be the priority of Governor Karina Carpio

Neira López, regional director of the CNE, proclaimed and awarded credentials to the elected governor of Aragua state, Karina Carpio, as well as to the mayor of Girardot, Rafael Morales, and to the new regional parliamentarians and councilors of Maracay.

During the ceremony held this Wednesday morning at the regional headquarters of the CNE, Karina Carpio thanked the electoral body for the organization and transparency of the process, congratulating all the mayors elected in the 18 municipalities, whom she invited to work together for the development of Aragua, beyond political differences.

Carpio, who obtained 51,60 of the votes, assured that health will be a priority issue during his tenure, which she assumes with "responsibility and commitment to the Aragüeño people."

For his part, Rafael Morales stressed that he will focus on the recovery of public services, and that he will not disappoint the confidence of Maracay residents.

Municipal boards accredited mayors and councilors

The 17 remaining burgomasters were accredited in their respective localities by the Municipal Electoral Board, of which 4 were awarded to representatives of the opposition: Lamas, Libertador, San Sebastián and Urdaneta.

The rest of the towns were taken over by standard bearers of the red canopy: Bolívar, Mariño, Revenga, Mario Briceño Iragorry, Ocumare, Sucre, Zamora, Ribas, Camatagua, Linares Alcántara, San Casimiro, Santos Michelena and La Colonia Tovar.



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