In Antioquia, Colombia, another social leader is murdered

Photo: Reference / File

This Saturday a new murder of a social fighter was reported in the El Tesorito village of this Antioquia municipality in Colombia, confirmed Daniel Palacios, Vice Minister of the Interior, through his Twitter account.

This is Jhon Jairo Guzmán, who served as vice president of the Community Action Board, in the face of events that are not yet very clear and that Palacios asked the authorities to clarify the crime.

So far this year, in that municipality, there have been several murders of social leaders in that municipality and subregion of Antioquia, in which different armed groups are waging a war to control criminal income, such as drug trafficking and illegal minery. Among the criminal structures are the Caparros, an organization of paramilitary origin, which is fighting against the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (a self-described name that Jorge Eliecer Gaitán's family strongly reproaches), El Espectador reports.

The Ombudsman's Office through early warning 020 of 2019 warned about the risk of the inhabitants of the town of La Caucana and of villages such as La Esperanza, Pecoralia, Agualinda, La Primavera, Rancho Viejo, among others, belonging to the Tarazá municipality.

The entity warned about "possible confrontations with the interposition of the civilian population, massive and individual displacements, selective homicides and multiple configuration".

To date, 231 social leaders have been assassinated, according to the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz), while 177 leaders who belonged to the Community Action Boards so far in the government of President Iván Duque.

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