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Improve social protection system in Guárico

In the Guárico state, a total of 823 families, equivalent to more than 3.200 inhabitants of the rural parish of San Francisco de Tiznados in the Ortiz municipality, have a new expanded social protection system through comprehensive rehabilitation, equipment and provision of inputs for the operation of the strategic areas of the "Juan Germán Roscio Nieves" Socialist Missions Base.

The announcement of this project was informed by the governor of the state Guárico José Vásquez, who pointed out that this corresponds to the 115th facility active in Guariqueño territory as key infrastructures that are deployed in the 15 municipalities of the entity and different parishes, providing care timely service to vulnerable communities in every corner.

Like other Socialist Mission Bases active in Guariqueña geography, this one has a Simoncito area to strengthen initial education in the seedbeds of the country; Food House to guarantee priority food and nutritional protection to more than 200 diners, in addition to having a coordination area for the mission system and large missions.

The San Francisco de Tiznado parish has 8 Brigades of the We Are Venezuela Movement, with which a strategic work has been developed to attract families to incorporate them into social care programs.

  • Breastfeeding: 22 protected families.
  • Humanized Childbirth: 22 families.
  • José Gregorio Hernández Mission: 55 families.
  • Greater Love: 166 families.
  • Homes of the Nation: 658 families.

Among the works carried out stands out painting of the internal and external area, placement of 8 main doors and glass, sanitary kits, cleaning of common areas. Likewise, within the provision made by the Regional Executive on behalf of the Bolivarian Government, a kitchen, refrigerator, chairs, tables, blackboard were provided, as well as clothing sets for vulnerable children.

Priority attention in deployment

In this same context, the social team was deployed in a Day of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War, where attention was provided with Plan Z with the delivery of more than 170 pairs of footwear, as well as 60 personal hygiene kits and deliveries of technical aids to prioritized social cases that includes a walker, crutches and a cane.

Complementing these actions, it was developed with a domestic gas filling operation, with which 41.000 liters of liquefied petroleum gas were distributed, achieving the filling of more than 1.700 cylinders.