Immunization of pregnant and lactating women began in La Guaira

The activity is part of the action schedule of the Mass Vaccination Plan, which is developed in the entity

Around one hundred pregnant and lactating women were vaccinated against covid-19, with the first dose of the Chinese antigen Vero Cell, this Monday in La Guaira.

The activity is part of a special day of the Humanized Childbirth Plan, in La Guaira, in order to protect pregnant women and their babies.

Dr. Yadira Castillo, the sole health authority in the state of La Guaira, made a call to those Guaireñas who are willing to receive vaccination, to take into account the following indications.

"Women in the gestation period must be over 14 weeks, not have received another vaccine in the month, not be hypertensive or diabetic."

This Tuesday's session was held at the Casa Abrigo, Miguel Zabala, located in the Macuto parish, and will continue this week in this center, indicated the State's Single Health Authority.

Castillo said that they are studying taking the conference to the communities, with the support of the promoters of Humanized Childbirth in the sectors.

Parturient women are expected to receive the second dose of the vaccine in 21 days at this center or in 90 days, depending on the immunization planning carried out by the national government.

Based on recent studies, and based on how these vaccines work in the body, experts believe that they are unlikely to pose any level of risk to pregnant people. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 during pregnancy can protect a woman in labor from becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus.

The activity is part of the action schedule of the Mass Vaccination Plan, which is developed in the entity.

The Single Health Authority of the state of La Guaira, stressed that the entity has two more vaccination centers, located in Carayaca and Caraballeda, in addition to the José María Vargas Sports Center, for the rest of the population.

It ensures that the vaccination days will be deployed until December, from 8 am to 6 pm in authorized centers.



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