AN approved draft agreement in recognition of the Day of Indigenous Resistance

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During the ordinary session of the National Assembly (AN) this Wednesday, the draft Agreement was approved in commemoration of the 529 years of Indigenous Resistance.

Deputy Nicia Maldonado stressed the importance of maintaining support from the national government for indigenous peoples, "we agree on the creation of the Special Commission that President Nicolás Maduro created this Tuesday to make the struggles of indigenous people see for more 500 years of resistance, "he said.

In the same way, the deputy Aloha Nuñez, highlighted that President Hugo Chávez was in charge of giving a voice to the native peoples, “thanks to that push today the native peoples have a representation in these spaces and we are prepared to attack any empire that intends to attack to the country, "he said while recalling that these sectors of the country support the national government.

Additionally, he said that they are working on the draft Law for the non-discrimination of indigenous peoples, "we will continue to fight for it to be recognized that more than 500 years ago more than 80 million indigenous people were murdered," said the deputy.

During the debate, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, recalled that empires will always have excuses to attack native peoples, “there are still countries that seek to attack them and exterminate native peoples. Never again will a people be attacked, the Americans will no longer accept that our peoples are attacked and exterminated, "said the head of Parliament.



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