The second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Bolívar

The state of Bolívar received the second dose of Sputnik V and at once Public Health of the region began to immunize the elderly, who received the first dose between May 1 and July 7, for greater control, announced the sole authority of health and president of the Institute of Public Health of the Bolívar state, Franklin Franchi.

Likewise, the authority mentioned that the vaccine is being placed in the Raúl Leoni de Guaiparo Hospital and in Ciudad Bolívar, in the Public Health Institute of said city. "The rest of the vaccination with Sinopharm and the first dose of Sputnik V is being carried out in the massive vaccination centers. We will also be supplying the dose with Sinopharm," he added.

He stressed that the grandparents do not need to wait for the confirmation message for the appointment and can attend directly to the place, he also stated that in the region, some 600 thousand people were vaccinated and will receive their corresponding dose.

He highlighted the importance of the "Home to Home" vaccination session aimed at older adults, people with disabilities and pregnant women, who cannot attend the Health Centers to be cared for.  

Aggressive fumigation plan

Franchi reported the activation and promotion of the fumigation plan that began in the areas most affected by the floods due to the flooding of the rivers this year.

"When the rivers recede, there are puddles, small lagoons where mosquitoes grow, which cause diseases such as malaria, dengue, zica, among others. We have started an aggressive fumigation plan that will be carried out at night, because the mosquito leaves at those hour, ”said the doctor.



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