Guárico projects sheep and goat livestock production nationwide

In agricultural matters, currently the Guárico state is positioned as the third state with the highest production in sheep farming that Venezuela has, with more than 102 thousand sheep and 23 thousand goats are in the productive centers of the llanera entity, which allows diversifying the livestock activity.

The information was provided by Governor José Vásquez who together with the Minister of Popular Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, carried out an inspection of the Los Leones Farm located in the El Sombrero parish of the Julián Mellado municipality, which is one of the of the centers with the highest sheep production with 1.200 animals, corresponding to 600 mothers, 400 males and the rest in offspring.

They detailed that this production center has implemented a process of dividing sheep mothers as well as those that are at the point of delivery, as well as those that have already done so. In addition, in relation to the improvement of genetics from reproduction, where the sheep pimp are classified to prevent crosses between offspring.

The Regional Executive pointed out that the government team has established work groups in search of strategic alliances with producers to deepen the formation of an association that allows to increase this sector, thus enhancing the breeding systems, genetics and production of by-products.

He added that he first mentioned that the Guárico Food Stores will be distributing by-products such as sheep liver pate, chops, chistorra, sausages, chorizo, lamb bologna and more, which will be available to Guariqueña population, also limiting that these acquire high quality with potential to be imported.

He also pointed out that Guárico has already positioned itself as the first cereal producer in the country with the goal reached during 2020 with more than 217.000 hectares planted, first in pigs with 395.000, advancing in cattle and buffalo in fourth place in the country, registering around one million 700 thousand heads of livestock, which is complemented by the sheep and goat sector.

For his part, the representative of the national production portfolio, Wilmar Soteldo, stated that the growth of the sheep and goat herd in the country has been unstoppable, where the rusticity, adaptation to the climates and their vegetation, together with the support of the Bolivarian Government, an acceleration has been achieved to guarantee national production, at which point the benefits of meat and advantages of dairy production and derivatives are highlighted, which are incorporated into the culture of consumption of the Venezuelan.



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