Guaireños cultists join forces to reactivate the fine arts

On October 15 they will carry out a great cultural walk in La Guaira.

Reactivate cultural spaces, bring art to parishes, as well as a census of activities or artists carried out by the Council of Popular Cultists "Juanita Mota" in La Guaira, as a new sociocultural platform.

Painters, sculptors, plastic and urban artists, writers, poets, dancers, singers, musicians, actors, ceramics, even photographers and audiovisual producers make up this cultural block that has the organization of popular power and cultural groups.

"We want to know where they are located and what activity they carry out, from the drummer to the brotherhoods," said Alcides Ramos, coordinator of the Council of Cultores, highlighting that the goal is to generate cultural circuits by parish to train, entertain and promote all cultural expressions in the youngest.

This experience has already taken its first steps, by holding a café-concert in the facilities of the Cruz Felipe Iriarte Cultural Complex, in Maiquetía, with the participation of poets, visual artists and theater expressions.

Ramos made a call for the integration and training of the youngest, to this Council of Cultists. "We are going to unite and form a single cultural bloc, in order to generate social care programs for cultists and form part of the cultural policy of La Guaira." He said that there are plans to build one house of culture per parish.

Also, the census of cultivators began this week until November 15, so the Council of Cultists will visit each parish to establish their structures in that town and lay the foundations of the organizational process.

«La Guaira was a reference of culture. That must be retaken, "he said. "What is proposed is the recovery of technical rooms or work, in the Cruz Felipe Iriarte Complex, as well as the acoustic shell and the squares of La Guaira, which would act as a cultural epicenter for each parish."

He recalled that culture is made by people, in any place where a tradition or expression is protected and must be maintained over time, through the training of young people.

On October 15, they will carry out a great cultural walk in La Guaira, which will depart from the Caribbean to La Guaira, to motivate young people and cultists and raise their voice for the council, as well as publicize street plans.



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