Granny managed to beat the coronavirus twice

Carmen Harnández was fired with a standing ovation from the doctors.

In the midst of the avalanche of news that is received every day about the alarming figures of the coronavirus, this week the story of Granny Carmen Hernández filled with hope many patients who are in the process of recovering from covid-19.
At 104 years of age, Carmen managed to defeat the Sars-CoV-2 virus for the second time in a row at a medical center in the state of Boyacá in Colombia.

On this occasion, the battle took place over a period of 21 days under the strict supervision of the medical staff of the San Rafael de Tunja University Hospital, who had already treated the grandmother in June 2020 where she was diagnosed with covid-19 for the first time and then again on March 8.

Before being diagnosed with the virus for the second time, Carmen had already received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. This fighter also recovered from an aggressive form of skin cancer.

For the director of the hospital Yamit Noé Hurtado, the story of this grandmother is a sign of hope for her patients in recovery. “Precisely because of his advanced age, for us he is a hope. This woman managed to come out fully recovered from the coronavirus in this first reinfection. We had to give him assistance in the ICU for 21 days ”, he highlighted.

Hernández was born in Tunja on July 14, 1916 and has a daughter who is around 70 years old. After captivating hospital staff with her story, she was dismissed from the medical center with a standing ovation as she walked through the corridors to be taken to the nursing home facility where she lives.



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