Gerardo Márquez: I will visit the catacombs to serve the people

This Wednesday the Regional Electoral Office delivered the act of proclamation as governor-elect of the Trujillo state to Major Gerardo Márquez, as well as to the nine deputies to the Legislative Council.

From the regional headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the Trujillo capital municipality, Márquez expressed his gratitude to the Trujillo people, while congratulating the officials of the Republic Plan and the CNE for the great work carried out last Sunday in the regional elections and municipal.

"Fulfilling the mandate of the people today (Wednesday) we have received our credentials from the CNE that certifies me as governor of the state of Trujillo," he said.

He also pointed out that as a soldier on February 1992, XNUMX, he is assuming the commitment to carry out the development and growth project in his native region.

“Today for me is a day of great commitment, of great loyalty to our President Nicolás Maduro who has placed his trust in all of us to carry out a project of growth and development in the state of Trujillo. For me it is an extraordinary commitment as a soldier of February XNUMX, a commitment to the legacy of our eternal commander Hugo Chávez, a commitment to the prosperity, development and progress of this state that I love so much, my homeland of saints and sages " , he claimed.

Márquez stressed that he will visit the catacombs to attend to the needs of the people; Likewise, he assured that he will work with all sectors in the framework of a political, organizational and mass offensive.

"It is a day of great commitment for the country, with the Trujillo state and with the people who have so much expectation in us," he said.

Meanwhile, the legislators elected by list who received their credentials were: Iroshima Vásquez, Karibay Terán and Manuel Azuaje for the Great Patriotic Pole and for the Committee of the Democratic Unity Emilio Fajardo and Joaquín Aguilar.

As nominal legislators Denitza Quevedo, Jesús Parra, Johana Márquez and Carlos Iglesias were accredited, all militants of the Psuv and the Great Patriotic Pole.

Governor Gerardo Márquez was accompanied by his family, as well as by the revolutionary people who, from early hours, stationed themselves outside the regional office of the CNE and the Legislative Council of the State of Trujillo, to express their support and congratulations on the triumph achieved in last Sunday, November 21.



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