France bans the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops

The French Parliament has given the final approval to a law that will put an end to the commercial exploitation of wild animals, which will no longer be used in circuses, and also to mink farms raised for their fur.

The parliamentary process ended in the Senate with the support for the text of 332 votes, compared to only one against and ten abstentions, which shows the very high degree of consensus, which had also occurred in the National Assembly.

332 votes in favor compared to only one against and ten abstentions

The law against animal abuse strengthens the sanctions against those who do not take adequate care of companion animals, with a much stricter property and regulation regime. In addition, it marks the end of the captivity of wild species for commercial purposes.

For this last point to be fulfilled, within two years the acquisition and reproduction of wild animals will be prohibited and circuses will no longer be able to have any for seven years.

Dolphins used in aquarium shows will be banned

Dolphins used in aquarium shows will also be banned in five years. They can only stay there when they are part of scientific research programs approved by the State. In the case of mink farms, the ban will take effect as soon as the law is enacted.

In order to have a pet, a "sensitization certificate" must be obtained seven days before, in which the obligations for its care (veterinary care and vaccination) as well as the costs derived from it are recalled.

Dolphins used in aquarium shows will also be banned in five years

The French must have a "certificate of awareness" 

Along these lines, cats and dogs cannot be exhibited for sale in pet stores after 2024. It is a question, among other things, of avoiding impulsive purchases that can lead to abandonment. It is estimated that each year there are about 100.000 dropouts.

The abuse will be punished with penalties of up to three years in prison and a 45.000 euro fine in case of death, as well as the withdrawal of the authorization to have other pets.

About 100.000 dogs and cats are abandoned each year

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, one of the most mobilized associations in the defense of animal rights in France, has described the law as "historic" and that in its opinion allows the country to stop being at the bottom of Europe.

In a message shared on its page, this NGO created by the actress who gives it its name pointed out that it would have liked the legislative text to have gone further with the prohibition of some forms of hunting, bullfights "or other cruelties." But he understands that in that case the text "would not have had any possibility of being debated and even less adopted".

Some environmental parliamentarians also would have wanted more restrictions to be included on farms with industrial dimensions or practices.

It is estimated that each year there are about 100.000 dropouts.