Four Cicpc agents charged with trafficking in weapons of war

The 4th National Court of Antiterrorist Control, headed by José Mascimino Márquez García, decreed a custodial sentence against four agents of the Cicpc and a merchant accused of trafficking weapons of war, according to sources in the judicial system.  

On this occasion, the defendants have the rank of detectives and are identified as Audio Luis Bermúdez Escobar (31), Mervin Jesús Fernández Palmar (32), Eduardo Antonio Zambrano Chirinos (38) and Héctor José Fernández Ávila (32). The other defendant is the merchant José Idelmaro Portillo Chirinos (32).  

These people were detained last Friday by military personnel on Milagro Norte avenue, San Martin sector, Maracaibo municipality (Zul), according to a report obtained from military buildings. The subjects were traveling in two Toyota Fortuner armored vehicles, plates AH186SV and AL707BA. 

The quintet carried 3 AR15 rifles, nine AR15 rifle magazines, ten 9mm pistol magazines, two hundred and twenty 9mm cartridges, twenty-five 12mm anti-riot shotgun cartridges, 270 5.50mm cartridges and three tear gas devices. 

This Monday, the five detainees were presented before the 4th National Antiterrorist Court located in the Palace of Justice in Caracas. At that presentation hearing, prosecutors Yorman Flores and María Andreina Caña charged the subjects with the crimes of terrorism, arms trafficking, war, and criminal association.  

Judge Mascimino Márquez admitted the prequalification of the crimes charged by the Public Ministry, decreed deprivation of liberty and ordered their confinement in the Bolivarian National Police. The arrest of the officials and the merchant was immersed within the Bolivarian Shield operation, ordered by President Nicolás Maduro for the defense of Venezuelan sovereignty and the expulsion of irregular groups, as the Minister of Defense has explained on different occasions, Vladimir Padrino López.  



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