Floyd case: police expert assures that Chauvin used inappropriate "lethal force"

The police officer accused of murdering George Floyd last year used inappropriate "deadly force" when he knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes, an expert said Wednesday in the court where the trial is taking place in Minneapolis, state. Minnesota.

Jody Stiger, a use of force specialist testifying for the prosecution, was questioned at the trial against Derek Chauvin, the white officer seen on video kneeling on the neck of Floyd, a black man.

Stiger said Chauvin's actions, shown on video during questioning, were "lethal force" because Floyd "was in the prone position.

"And the pressure ... caused by (Chauvin's) body weight could cause positional asphyxia, which could lead to death," he said.

Footage of Floyd's arrest, which resulted in his death on May 25, 2020, sparked protests against racial injustice and police brutality in the United States and around the world. Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit $ 20 bill at a nearby store.

When the specialist was asked how much force it was reasonable to apply after Floyd was face down, handcuffed and not resisting, Los Angeles Police Officer Stiger said: in that position ”.

"An officer can only use a level of force that is proportional to the severity of the crime or the level of resistance," he said.

Prosecutors are seeking to show that Floyd's death was due to suffocation, while Chauvin's defense claims it was due to illegal drugs in Floyd's body.

On Tuesday, Johnny Mercil, the Minneapolis police use of force coordinator, indicated that kneeling the way Chauvin did on Floyd's neck was not an authorized procedure.

Chauvin, 45, was fired from the police after the incident and pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges.




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