Epidemiological fence decreed in Caicara de Maturín

The mayor of the Cedeño municipality of the Monagas state, Humberto González, issued a decree to declare an epidemiological fence in the town due to the rebound in covid-19 infections.

The document establishes that for 21 days restrictive traffic measures will be applied in Caicara de Maturín, in terms of the movement of people throughout the municipality, only operating the prioritized sectors such as commerce, transport, health, in this sense the mandatory use is manifested mask and social distancing in all people and especially in those who work in the agricultural sector, as this town is an area of ​​agricultural and livestock power.

The transportation sector is mandated to comply with disinfection measures in the units on a daily basis and the security authorities to enforce the decree.


Since last Tuesday, in joint work between the Mayor's Office of the Cedeño municipality, Civil Protection and the Directorate of the Dr. Ernesto Guzmán Saavedra Hospital to counteract the number of cases of contagion by coronavirus in the area.

During the disinfection day, communities and public institutions in the parishes of Viento Fresco, Areo, San Félix and Caicara have been attended to.

El director del Hospital, doctor Jesús González exhortó a la población a cumplir con las medidas de bioseguridad y distanciamiento social. “Estamos desinfectando establecimientos comerciales, plazas, parques, calles de cada comunidad, comando de la Guardia Nacional, estación de Combustible, y centro de salud». 

He recommended that Caicarran families carry out the disinfection of all their spaces in their homes, especially in homes where there are suspected cases of SARS-CoV2.



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