EU approves temporary suspension of patents for covid-19 vaccines

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The European Parliament approved today a resolution for the temporary suspension of patents for vaccines against covid-19, according to a communiqué from the community legislature, reports Prensa Latina.

We propose to open negotiations within the World Trade Organization, in order to expand global access to medical products related to covid-19, the text states.

The European Parliament also urged the United States and the United Kingdom to immediately abolish the export bans on immunizers and raw materials necessary for their production.

On this day, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced at a press conference that 100 million people have already completed the vaccination cycle against Covid-19 in the region.

More than half of the adults residing in the countries that make up the regional mechanism received at least one dose of the vaccine, added the official, affirming that the objective is to immunize 70 percent of the nearly 450 million that make up the community population. , before mid-July.



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