Detected alleged environmental illicit in the Piritu lagoon

The president of the Permanent Commission on Ecosocialism, deputy Ricardo Molina reported that the preliminary report on the inspection of the Píritu lagoon, in the Peñalver municipality of the Anzoátegui state, revealed alleged environmental crimes due to contamination and sedimentation, product of the economic activity of the Shrimp Aquamarina de la Costa CA, which affects the ecological balance of this natural water reservoir.

During the ordinary meeting of that parliamentary instance, Molina indicated that after the submission of the supervision report by technicians of the commission, the next step is to send communications to the Ministry of Ecosocialism, in order to request information on the permits requested by the Aquamarina de la Costa CA company and establish the conditions under which they were approved.

A press release issued by the National Assembly added that this Permanent Commission will request information from the Ministry of the Popular Power of Fisheries and Aquaculture, on the impact on marine biology, as well as the Public Ministry to know if they have any investigation regarding this fact . Finally, they will go to the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces, with the purpose of knowing the affectation that the marine coast has suffered due to the activity of the aforementioned company. 

In another vein, the parliamentarians of this legislative body referred to the recent approval of the Agreement for World Environment Day.

Molina pointed out that one of the tasks set out in the commission is to make a registry to have knowledge and contact with all national, Latin American, Caribbean and world environmental and environmental movements, to comply with the provisions of the fifth objective of the Plan of the Homeland "to make common cause in the defense of Mother Earth with all the organizations or social groups that are working on the environment issue.

To conclude, the deputy President of the Permanent Commission on Ecosocialism asserted that another of the important assignments within the commission refers to the construction of a proposal that will be formalized next August at the second meeting of the international forum “Reencuentro with the Pachamama ”, an event that will serve to give continuity to the first meeting held in the Plurinational State of Bolivia in March, highlighting that the idea is“ to establish a position for the world conference on climate change that will take place at the end of November of this year in the city of Glasgow, Scotland ”.



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