They deliver medicines to the people of Greater Caracas

Medicines for the vulnerable population are free.

A total of 468 thousand 762 people have been treated through the Pharmacy Nucleus of the Movement for Peace and Life, in Miranda, La Guaira and Caracas.

This has been possible with a strategic alliance between the national Executive and private companies, reported his secretary this Wednesday, Alexander “Mimou” Vargas.

During the inauguration of nucleus No. 8 in Petare, Sucre municipality, in the Bolivarian Miranda state, Vargas explained that they accounted for 58 donated drugs.

In addition, they have delivered more than one million 900 thousand treatments; adding that medicines for the vulnerable population are free.

The secretary recalled that the movement promotes peace, culture, sports and family reunions, but also comprehensive care for the Venezuelan people. / AVN



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