Immunization scheme against the pandemic continues in Trujillo

Photo: Courtesy Fundasalud

The president of the Trujillana de la Salud Foundation (Fundasalud) Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel announced on Monday the arrival and distribution of 26 thousand 731 units of Chinese Vero Cell vaccine, in order to comply with the second dose scheme started at the beginning of the month of June, as part of the Mass Immunization Plan.

Through his account on the social network Instagram Peñaloza said that these doses will be applied in the 35 activated points in the region, which include the headquarters of Fundasalud, CDI, Áreas de Salud Integral Comunitarias (Asic), Ipasme Boconó, Trujillo and Valera; Social Security, Women's Institute, State Government, among others.

"Only people who have already received their first dose of this type of biological will be served," he said.

Also, the doctor pointed out that the second dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is not yet available.

Meanwhile, Governor Henry Rangel Silva confirmed that more than 78 doses against covid-900 have been placed in Trujillo state, which includes 19 percent of health personnel from the first and second lines of battle.

During the COVID-19 balance radio program broadcast by Paisana 92.5 fm, Rangel Silva pointed out that with the arrival of this new batch of 26 doses, the goal of 731 vaccinated Trujillo residents in the month of June will be exceeded.

The president highlighted the work, effort and organization of the staff of the Trujillana de la Salud Foundation (Fundasalud) to achieve "important statistics of vaccinated, over 10 people a day on some occasions, and we have a total of 78 990 doses that have been applied in the state of Trujillo, out of the 100 doses planned by the National Commission to place them in the month of June ”.

Finally, Rangel Silva invited the population to maintain preventive measures against the pandemic, especially in this flexible week.

“Trujillo stay home, use your mask correctly, keep your distance (…) whoever loves himself does not expose himself, whoever loves himself does not risk contracting a disease, whoever loves himself also loves his family. Let's take care of ourselves to preserve our health ”, he pointed out.



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