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Communities repudiate the militarization imposed by Duque in Arauca

Colombian media report the rejection of communities in Arauca, Colombia, to the response of the Government of Iván Duque to the violence there; leading to 23 deaths and hundreds of displaced families

“We are very afraid. The Arauca community is marching, it is taking to the streets to ask for peace… through those marches we managed to have the Ombudsman's Office and human rights organizations present, ”explained the youth leader of the area, Mayerly Briceño, quoted by El Espectador , and detailed that although "anxiety and fear continue," censuses are made in rural areas and they speak to record the threats.

“We fear what happened 13 years ago; that they massacred peasants in a war in which they had nothing to do ... we ask that they leave us out of everything, that they respect our lives, "said Briceño.

The media reports that according to local leaders “nothing will change” the announcement by the Colombian Defense Minister of: “Strengthening the force with 600 soldiers. Increase rewards against leaders in the area. Keep 300 soldiers on roads and highways ”and“ new military installations ”.

"The Public Force has never guaranteed our life and safety, on the contrary, they put us at risk," the NGO member Joel Sierra, María Aguillón, reminded the New Granada press.