Communities of Rosario de Perijá received comprehensive social care

Three parishes in the state of Zulia received comprehensive social care, with resources for public services, addressing the covid-19 pandemic, areas of health, safety, sports, environmental sanitation, food, among others, as reported by Olegario Martínez, mayor of Rosario de Perijá municipality, Zulia state.

Martínez, highlighted that the investment was made in the maintenance of water wells, cleaning and weeding of streets, rescue of squares, fields and parks, with the support of own resources from the national and municipal administration, as well as from the of the commercial and productive sector of the perijanera town. With this day the parishes El Rosario, Donaldo Garcia and Sixto Zambrano were benefited.

He indicated that eighty-two billion bolivars were administered and directed to public services, electricity, infrastructure, social programs, food, and addressing the pandemic against covid-19. 

Regarding the pandemic, Martínez said: “He taught us that honest and heartfelt people are always present in the most difficult, we were able to count on the support of merchants and businessmen who were placed to order to face the pandemic, it was a year of much sacrifice but we have made progress, we do a lot from the little thing ”.

The local president reported that in food matters, the clap combos and the indigenous feeding program were delivered.

Martínez emphasized that in terms of security, a deployment is maintained throughout the municipality of Rosario de Perijá, a joint effort and with the support of the state security agencies Conas, Cicpc, Gnb, Cpbez and Polirosario. day to the extortion and criminal mafias that do so much damage to society. 

He expressed that “Let's go men and women of the Homeland, let's go men and women of La Villa del Rosario, 300 years ago of foundation, 300 years of victory, light, emotions and hope, for a homeland that is already here and The noblest people of Zulia are here to stay, with the strength to overcome adversity,” Martínez said. 

Present at the activity were the first combatant, Luzmaira Rodríguez de Martínez, the president of the Municipal Council Jesús López, municipal comptroller Yenny Prieto, directors and managers of the Mayor's Office of the Rosario de Perijá municipality, military and civil authorities and representatives of the municipal cabinet.



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