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Chileans call general strike to pressure Piñera's departure

The mobilization days against Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, which include the demand to end the state of exception in the southern region of the country, had a new milestone this Friday with the different calls for a general strike.

The mobilization was self-organized from the territories and its origin is attributed to the violence exerted by State agents, among which they cite as an example the recent murder of a juggler at the hands of a Carabinero in Panguipulli, and blame President Sebastián Piñera for the in which the executive has faced the situation, whom they accuse of not putting a stop to state violence.

The president had his most difficult month in October 2019, when the Chilean people mobilized against the social political system and from the State the response was very violent and left more than 500 people with eye trauma, others tortured and killed. .

In the new call from various territories nationwide, although with an epicenter in the Araucanía region, in the south of the country, the resignation of Sebastián Piñera is required for his management, and that of his Government during the Covid-19 pandemic Therefore, the concrete demand is to ask for the presidential elections to be advanced to hasten Piñera's exit.

This Friday's session comes a week after a new episode of violence by the Chilean Police Special Forces, who repressed thousands of people who gathered in the Plaza de la Dignidad (Plaza Baquedano) in Santiago to demand the freedom of political prisoners.

Citizens demand that political prisoners, mostly young people detained since the massive protests at the end of 2019 to date, be released. So far, only three detainees have been released, in all cases for lack of evidence and after more than 10 months in prison.

Since October 2019, there have been numerous days of mobilizations that continue to date, which, thanks to popular pressure, promoted the process of reform of the Constitution, which is underway and has scheduled elections for the Constituent Assembly on next month.


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