Chile reports a 70% rise in infections in children under 59 years of age

Despite the numerous vaccinations, the country has a very high rate of infections. Photo EFE

The Chilean health authorities on Monday asked those under 59 years of age to take extreme precautions, since 70% of the new infections of covid-19 in the last week belong to this age group, which is also taking over intensive care units.

Of the almost 27.000 new infections detected between April 4 and 10, 70% are between 20 and 59 years old, while 71% of the 1.326 patients who needed to be admitted to intensive care units in the same period also correspond to that age group.

"We are facing a difficult situation (...) We are seeing that many more young people are entering the ICU," Health Minister Enrique Paris warned at a press conference.

“We have seen that people between 20 and 59 years old do not consult promptly when presenting symptoms. It is very important to consult on time, ”added the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza.

Chile, with 19 million inhabitants, is one of the countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population in the world and since February it has already inoculated more than 7,3 million people with at least one dose, of which almost 3 million have more 60 years.

Despite the hectic rate of vaccination, the country is experiencing the worst moments of the pandemic, with hospitals on the brink of collapse, more than 83% of the population in strict home confinement and borders closed until May.

The authorities reported that in the last 24 hours 6.372 new cases and 137 deaths were detected, bringing the total balance since March of last year to almost 1,1 million infected and 24.483 deaths.

Although the number of new infections is lower than in previous days, when the average was around 8.000, experts warned that the drop is not due to a decline in the pandemic, but rather to the fact that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the data traditionally reflects the effects of weekends.

The national positivity rate (the number of positives per 100 exams performed) also fell and, for the first time in more than a week, fell below 10%, at 8,4%.

The hospital occupancy rate, meanwhile, continues to be at record highs, and there are currently only 134 critical beds available nationwide.




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