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Chief of the Southern Command is visiting Colombia

While the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, is visiting the United States, a close ally of the neighboring country, the head of the Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, announced that he had arrived in New Granada.

This was announced by the Southern Command on its Twitter account, in which it detailed that Faller will meet with "military leaders" in Colombia, a country, which he considered "a vital and reliable ally in security", "to discuss cooperation on safety matter".

«#Strengthening alliances with Colombia: The #SOUTHCOM commander, Admiral Craig Faller, is in Colombia to meet with military leaders to discuss security cooperation. Colombia is a vital and trusted security partner. @USEmbassyBogota @mindefensa, "wrote the US Southern Command on Twitter.

The information was ratified by the US Embassy in Bogotá. Three months ago, Faller was in Colombian territory and this time the visit rekindles an old controversy that arose in the country a year ago due to the presence of the Southern Command in Colombia, which has been a constant during the Duque government.

As the announcement that the US would operate in Colombia to “combat drug trafficking” will be recalled, a group of senators from the neighboring nation expressed their rejection because they considered that this decision violated the sovereignty and Constitution of the country and that it could strengthen the actions of the groups. armed paramilitaries.

This situation led to the Administrative Court of the department of Cundinamarca, at the request of the senators, approved the suspension of the activities of the United States Army in Colombian territory, considering that the decision of the Duque government, when authorizing the entry and stay of gringo troops in Colombia, it had been unconsulted and unconstitutional.

In addition, several voices pointed out that the gringo troops in Colombia could be used for eventual attacks against Venezuela.