CNE proclaimed new authorities of the Nueva Esparta state

The event was chaired by Joe Uzcátegui, regional director of the CNE.

The Regional Board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the state of Nueva Esparta made the official delivery of the credential to Morel Rodríguez Ávila as Governor of this Insular entity, for a period of four years, after being elected with more than 42% of the votes on November 21 in the regional and municipal elections.

The event was chaired by Joe Uzcátegui, regional director of the CNE, who recognized the work carried out by the officials of the electoral body and the organizations with political ends over seven months. "We are very pleased with each and every political organization that worked and respectfully complied with what was indicated in the protocol of our institution."

He also thanked the members of the Plan República who were present for the event to take place successfully and in complete tranquility.

The official delivery of the credential and the totalization act was carried out by the president of the Regional Electoral Board, Jazmín Velásquez, in use of the powers conferred by articles 153, 97, 391, 392, 393 of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes and article 160 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Morel Rodríguez Ávila after being proclaimed governor thanked the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the National Electoral Council (CNE) for their transparent work in these elections.

“The only instrument according to the National Constitution that the people of Venezuela have is the vote, in this sense I fully complied with the requirements issued by the CNE, and within that framework we have been working and we have been elected to fight for the interests of the Nueva Esparta state, ”he said.

The electoral boards of the Gómez, Mariño, Maneiro, Macanao Peninsula, Tubores and Villalba municipalities proclaimed the mayors elected by popular vote in these jurisdictions: Emilio Velásquez (Neighborhood Force), José Antonio González (El Cambio), Morel David Rodríguez (Neighborhood Force), José Nicasio Narváez (MUD), Iraima Vásquez (AD) and José María Fermín (AD), respectively.

Bolivarian mayors of Nueva Esparta were proclaimed by the municipal boards

On the other hand, the Municipal Electoral Board handed over the credential as re-elected mayor of the Arismendi municipality, capital of the Nueva Esparta state to Alí Romero Farías of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar (Gppsb), who obtained more 43% of the votes.

“We will continue to work hand in hand, together with our councilors and the people, as a single team to provide well-being for all our people. Working without distinctions of any kind, our commitment remains firm, making the desire of all the inhabitants of the Capital municipality come true, "said Romero Farías, who was proclaimed along with the 7 councilors, 5 from Chavismo and 2 from the opposition.

In the Díaz municipality, Mayor Marisel Velásquez was proclaimed for her fifth consecutive term at the helm of the city council. "With great commitment to my people, I receive this credential to continue working with greater effort and enthusiasm to consolidate all sectors of the Antonio Díaz municipality, Chavista territory forever."

Also in García, Cruz Lairet was proclaimed by the Municipal Electoral Board for his third consecutive term after winning with 44.77% of the votes.

In the Gaspar Marcano municipality, Yul Armas, also from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole, who obtained 39.72% of the votes counted in the jurisdiction was proclaimed mayor by the Municipal Board together with the 7 councilors, 5 Revolutionaries and 2 of the MUD.

During the act of proclamation, Armas thanked President Nicolás Maduro, Dante Rivas and the entire Psuv team and the Polo Patriótico for giving him the opportunity to participate in this electoral process and once again pledged with the people of Marcano to work hard and dedication to achieve the benefit of all.

In Antolín del Campo, the JEM proclaimed David Caraballo del Psuv who won with 44.71% of the votes, along with the 7 councilors, 5 from the Bolivarian forces and two from the opposition.

The Municipal Electoral Board delivered the credential to the mayors of the entity.


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