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Bolsonaro attacks the electoral system and calls it vulnerable

Lula accuses Bolsonaro of generating confusion as Trump did in the US elections

The president of Brazil, Jari Bolsonaro, again criticized the Brazilian electoral system by calling it "vulnerable" before a group of foreign diplomats, mainly from the European Union (EU), when there are just over three months to go before the general elections in which he aspires to re-election.

In an almost hour-long speech at the presidential residence, Bolsonaro said on Monday that he wants to "correct flaws" in the electoral system, although he did not present evidence about the alleged vulnerability of electronic ballot boxes.

“We want to correct faults, we want transparency, true democracy. I am being accused of a coup all the time (…) I am questioning before because we have time to solve the problem, with the participation of the Armed Forces," Bolsonaro said, quoted by AFP.

The president, who is second in the polls behind former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the October elections, he mentioned the investigation opened by the Federal Police in 2018 to detect attacks on the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) systems, and said that a hacker had access to the entire system during the elections that he himself won.

Lula criticized Bolsonaro's statements through Twitter. “Yesterday, at the meeting with the ambassadors, Bolsonaro managed to beat his average of 7 lies a day: he told 20 false news to the diplomats at the meeting. Bolsonaro is the liar of the Republic », she affirmed.

Bolsonaro has said on several occasions that when he won the Presidency, in 2018, there was fraud. In his opinion, he should have been elected in the first round and not in the ballot, where he defeated the left-wing candidate Fernando Haddad.

The Brazilian president alleged that the head of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Edson Fachin, plans a coup to position Lula da Silva.

In this regard, Fachin responded and said that there is an "unacceptable electoral denialism."

It is time to say enough to disinformation. It is also time to say no to authoritarian populism, which endangers the conquest of the 1988 Constitution”, he added.

Lula: Bolsonaro creates confusion

The former Brazilian president stated that Bolsonaro generates "confusion" in the same way that the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, did during the last elections in that country.

“Bolsonaro wants to create confusion like Trump did in the United States. He wants to create suspicion where there is none. He is trying to deceive the people to justify some nonsense. He is not afraid of the electronic voting machine, he is afraid of the Brazilian people », he said through Twitter.

Elections in Brazil are scheduled for October 2. Polls show that Lula da Silva would beat Bolsonaro even with a difference greater than ten percentage points.

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