Biden's envoy for Latin America is already in Colombia

Biden's envoy will travel to Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay to address issues of interest to the US. Photo File

The main adviser to President Joe Biden for Latin America, Juan González, began a tour of Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay this weekend to meet with officials from these countries with whom he will address issues related to the economy after the pandemic and the situation of the Venezuela's internal policy, the US Government reported.

González, of Colombian origin, arrived on Sunday night, will meet with the Colombian president and Foreign Minister Claudia Blum, among other officials, with whom they will discuss the moment in which relations between the United States and Colombia are, in addition to the objective of the Biden administration for it. In the same way, they have put on the agenda to address issues inherent to the internal politics of Venezuela, on which both countries maintain a working route with a view to overthrowing their government.

The Acting Deputy Secretary for Latin American Affairs of the State Department, Julie Chung, travels with González on a trip that will last from April 11 to 15, the statement said.

The first stop will be Bogotá, according to the note, where they will discuss with Colombian officials the economic recovery, security and rural development, the situation of migrants from Venezuela, promoted from abroad and the alleged regional leadership of Colombia in weather matters.

One of the issues missing on the agenda is the issue of drug trafficking, an illicit activity of which Colombia is the main producer and exporter in the world, and the US is the main consumer, in addition to maintaining lax policies on combating drug trafficking.

"In Argentina and Uruguay, they will discuss regional priorities, including addressing the challenges of the climate crisis, the covid-19 pandemic, and threats to democracy, human rights, and security in our hemisphere and around the world," he added.

González, holds the position of director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the White House National Security Council.

With information from agencies



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