Argentina asks to resume negotiations on Falkland Islands

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Argentina reaffirmed its sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands while calling for the resumption of negotiations with the United Kingdom to achieve a definitive solution to the dispute over that territory usurped since 1833, reported Prensa Latina.

On the 192nd anniversary of the creation of the Political and Military Command of the Malvinas Islands and those adjacent to Cape Horn by the Government of the province of Buenos Aires, this southern land ratified its inalienable right over the Islands.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship said that the country continues to redouble its efforts, always through peaceful means, diplomacy and adherence to international law, to consolidate the support of the international community on the issue of the Islands. Falklands.

Likewise, the text specified, we seek to achieve that consensus through multilateral organizations creates the conditions for the United Kingdom to resume bilateral negotiations on sovereignty in the terms proposed by the United Nations in Resolution 2065 (XX) of the General Assembly and a plurality of resolutions from various international organizations and forums.

The Argentine Government recalled that from the beginning of the emancipatory process in 1810, as heir to the Spanish territories in the South Atlantic, Argentina permanently exercised its rights over the southern archipelagos located there.

In 1820, the first raising of the Argentine flag took place in the Falkland Islands. The Argentine government also proceeded to issue regulations and establish legal and administrative structures, which consolidated the full exercise of its sovereignty, including promoting the development of commercial activities and the establishment of a population, the text said.

When delving into Resolution 2065 (XX) adopted in 1965 by the United Nations, Argentina specified that for 16 years both countries carried out negotiations to reach a solution to the sovereignty dispute.

However, despite the innumerable invitations from Argentina and the exhortation of the United Nations, the United Kingdom systematically refuses to resume sovereignty negotiations, he remarked. 'The refusal to comply with the obligation to resume sovereignty negotiations is exacerbated by the continued introduction of unilateral acts by the United Kingdom. These actions include the exploration and exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources - which Argentina has consistently rejected, 'the statement underlined.

The Government also highlighted how the United Kingdom maintains an unjustified and disproportionate military presence on the islands with which it regularly conducts exercises and exercises, for which Argentina has protested energetically and that they constitute a deliberate departure from the calls of the numerous resolutions of the Nations. United and other international organizations.



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