Argentina apologizes to Bolivia for Macri's participation in the coup

Alberto Fernández presented his apologies for the interference of the previous government in the 2019 coup d'état. Photo Courtesy

Argentine President Alberto Fernández today expressed his "pain and shame" upon hearing the news of the participation of the government of former president Mauricio Macri in the coup in Bolivia, in November 2019.

In a press conference, the Bolivian government denounced Macri for supporting and participating in the coup against Evo Morales.

"We have had access to a document that shows that the Macri government in Argentina provided equipment to suppress social protest and consolidate the de facto government of Jeanine Añez," announced the foreign minister of that sister country, Rogelio Mayta.

In a letter sent to his counterpart, Luis Arce, Fernández apologized to that people on behalf of Argentina.

"It was found that a consignment of material was sent from our country that can only be interpreted as a reinforcement of the action capacity of the seditious forces against the Bolivian population in those days," said the president.

He also added that "it was a determined collaboration of the then president Macri with the military and police repression suffered by those who defended the institutional order in their country."

Fernández stressed that these events are being analyzed by an Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

'For the peace of mind of my conscience I keep that I have done everything in my power to preserve the lives of Evo Morales, Álvaro García Linera and many other Bolivian brothers murdered by the coup plotters. Our democracies are strong. We have to continue working together to consolidate them ', concludes the letter.

A dust storm unleashed the news, which makes headlines in the main media in Bolivia and Argentina.

Several political personalities of this southern nation came out to reject Macri's actions in the Bolivian coup.

'Thank you President Fernández for apologizing to Bolivia… Are these operations registered? Is there a reserved decree? Aggravated smuggling? The corrupt Macri, (former Security Minister) Patricia Bullrich and (former Defense Minister) Oscar Aguad are disgusting, 'said former Argentine Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández on Twitter.

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