Áñez would have planned another coup to avoid the swearing-in of Luis Arce

The coup leader faces new accusations. Photo File

Jeanine Áñez and part of her de facto government in Bolivia, would have planned a second coup d'état, after the one that took place against Evo Morales in November 2019, to prevent Luis Arce, from the Movement to Socialism (MAS) party, from taking office. Presidency of the South American country after winning in the elections held in October 2020.

The information was revealed in some documents and audios released by The Intercept medium, in which the recruitment of American mercenaries who would carry out the plan is proposed, which sought to reverse the victory obtained by Arce, who won with 55,11% of the votes. in the first round, avoiding the ballot.

According to the aforementioned media, one of the audios would correspond to a call allegedly between the then Bolivian Minister of Defense during the Áñez administration, Luis Fernando López, and Joe Pereira, a former civil administrator of the US Army, who had his operations in Bolivia at that time, who would be the organizer of the mission with the mercenaries.

En las grabaciones, López, actualmente prófugo de la Justicia boliviana— aseguró que estaba trabajando para «evitar la aniquilación» de su país.

El supuesto titular de Defensa también afirmó que las Fuerzas Armadas y el pueblo tenían que «levantarse» y «bloquear una administración de Arce». Asimismo, remarcó que las 72 horas posteriores serían cruciales.

«Los armamentos y otros equipos militares obviamente son muy importantes para reforzar lo que estamos haciendo», también se oye decir al exfuncionario en la grabación.

Asimismo, sostuvo que «el comandante de las Fuerzas Armadas está trabajando en todo esto», puesto que para entonces ocupaba Sergio Orellana, quien huyó de Bolivia posteriormente.

The leaked documents and audios also mention that other high-ranking officials of the de facto government would be willing to support the plan.

Mercenaries and organizer Joe Pereira

The US mercenaries who would be hired to carry out the maneuver would arrive from a military base outside Miami to join Bolivian military units, police squads and gunmen.

Aunque el plan estaría en marcha, la persona identificada como López reconoce en las grabaciones la probabilidad de que algunos oficiales militares respaldasen «al caballo ganador [en referencia Arce] porque ganó las elecciones», pero insiste en que son «muy pocos».

Ultimately, the plan was not executed. According to the aforementioned medium, in other recordings it is revealed that there were disagreements between López and the then Minister of Government, Arturo Murillo - currently detained in the US accused of money laundering and corruption - who was in control of the Police.

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