AN approves space exploration and cooperation project with Russia

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During the session of the National Assembly on Wednesday, October 13, the Bill approving the agreement between Venezuela and Russia on cooperation in the exploitation and exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes was approved in the first discussion.

This agreement, which unites the two countries in common projects, seeks academic and knowledge exchange to build national capacities in space matters.

The broad areas of cooperation that may be implemented in the medium and long term within the framework of the Agreement were established in the areas of space science and exploration of outer space, including astrophysical research and planetary studies; remote sensing of the Earth from space; satellite communications, as well as the use of information technologies and the services associated with it.

Approved in the first discussion, this agreement was sent to the Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation Commission, for documentation and preparation for the second discussion, the date of which was not announced at the moment.



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