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American and Colombian mercenaries after assassination in Haiti

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, gave an interview to the multi-state channel Telesur, one day after the assassination that occurred in that country against Jovenel Moïse, and the complicated situation in which the Caribbean country finds itself after a year of intense internal friction .

Earlier, Joseph reported the participation of at least 28 mercenaries, including Haitians, Americans and Colombians, of which 21 have already been captured and another four have fallen in clashes with the police.

"What I can guarantee to all who see me is that we will do everything necessary to see justice for President Moïse's family and his friends," said the prime minister when asked about the search for the intellectual authors the fact.

Some of the Colombian mercenaries detained in Haiti would be retired military personnel from the Army of that country, as confirmed by local authorities. Photo Telesur

The senior official commented that "the operations were carried out by the Haitian National Police and the Army," but that with the help of the population, they "helped capture 2 or 3 mercenaries, we have 21 of the 28 members." , He said.

Joseph stressed that they will go after those most interested in killing the president. “I don't know who would be interested in assassinating the president, what I do know is that he was committed against the oligarchs of this country. You have to have the details and the results of the investigation to pass judgment, "he added.

He indicated that after the fatal outcome of the assassination attack that has shocked world public opinion, the country in crisis cannot stop, so they are “working to continue with the electoral process, the elections must be held so that they can elect their leaders ”.

In that sense, he announced that "the objective is for the elections to be held in September and for the referendum to be held."

He revealed that in order to carry out the investigations, they have requested "technical assistance (from international partners), it is the type of help that we believe we need today, so that the Police are in a position to combat gang violence and terrorist actions."

Regarding the participation of Haitian-American and Colombian mercenaries to perpetrate the crime, he said that "there is certain information, but as prime minister I prefer to wait for the details."

He confirmed that First Lady Martine Moïse is stable and receiving medical attention in Miami. "President Moïse's wife is injured and hospitalized in #USA, the president received more than 10 bullets, so we are going to wait for her to recover to proceed with the funerals," he said.