Agrotourism "Bosques de Chocolate" seeks to sweeten all of Venezuela

In Yaracuy, a new agrotourism proposal called Bosques de Chocolate was born, which integrates the production of the cocoa category with the support of the Government and private companies, the training of communities in the preparation of derivative products and the incorporation of producing towns as a sustainable tourist proposal .

The first steps have already been taken and a rural town in the San Felipe municipality, called La Marroquina, took the project for itself and began to offer itself as a showcase of what this ambitious project could be: an effective productive model for the community that uses cocoa as the basis of a sustainable economy in which tourism, production, manufacture of chocolate and a whole branch of related services are formed around it.

One of the promoters of the proposal, Helen Stijolkovich, mentions that the Bosques de Chococolate project was born as an initiative of the Guaquira Foundation and the La Marroquina community. Last year they began to shape it and, despite the stoppages as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, this year it continued to advance with a view to growth and
consolidate in 2021.

“The plan is simple: the community is integrated into the cultivation of cocoa and the production of chocolate and derivatives, the town becomes beautiful to receive visitors and offer them the product and thus step by step the idea is consolidated, which we will later carry out other communities in the state and to other regions ”, stressed Stijolkovich.

Art integrated with the community

The Bosques de Chocolate proposal includes muralism and popular graphics as artistic forms of expression that promote cocoa and chocolate in the production sites, just as five artists from Lara, Carabobo and Yaracuy did in the streets of La Marroquina who took their brushes and they filled various spaces with painting and art.

Alfredo Brito, Paola Cardozo, Anderson Villalobos, Pedro Domínguez and Jhonatan Noguera overflowed their creativity in the Casa del Chocolate, which will function as a place for product sales, a training center for artisans and a kind of museum for visitors, and in six houses that will host them. they served as canvases for his works.

María Parra, a member of the community, commented that the objective is to create an open-air museum with the decoration of all the houses in the sector, consolidate the Casa del Chocolate, train all the neighbors in the production of cocoa and chocolate and push the tourist potential that the area has.

“We already have 12 families with various tracts of land planted with cocoa, and in 2021 we will continue to grow. This beautiful project is being born and has great receptivity, that is why we have great faith that we will advance towards our dream of making La Marroquina a national tourist and production reference with our chocolate forests ”, said Parra.